你想成为什么样的人? 这是一个不同于通常的问题, 你想做什么?, a question at the heart of a classical liberal arts education from Hillsdale College. 除了一个主要的集中领域, all Hillsdale College students enroll in a structured core of courses that takes about two years to complete. 在一起, 他们跟随一段文学之旅, 哲学, 神学, 历史, 美术, 自然科学, 并开始将世界视为一个整体. “Liberal learning produces cultivated citizens with minds disciplined and furnished through wide and deep study of old books by wise authors,马克·卡托夫写道, Ph.D., 澳门威尼斯人网上赌博校友, 学院院长, 和亨利·塞尔瓦托利历史系教授, “It does so by leading forth students into a consideration of what has been called, 这是人们想过、说过的最好的话.’”



The Hillsdale core considers the 精神上的 and intellectual inheritance of the Western Tradition, 并提供了一个更全面的视角来看待世界及其运作. Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree will meet additional requirements in foreign language; students pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree will put additional emphasis on laboratory science and mathematics study.


准备和分析论点, 实践决策, 培养对确定性和概率问题的批判性思维, and learn why logic and rhetoric are classically viewed as sister arts of inhe租金 import to the liberally educated student.


Receive an introduction to representative Great Books in the West from Antiquity to the Middle Ages, 会议就像圣经和荷马这样的作家, 埃斯库罗斯, 索福克勒斯, 柏拉图, 亚里士多德, 维吉尔, 奥维德, 奥古斯汀, 但丁.


Continue your study of the Western literary tradition with English authors like Chaucer, 莎士比亚, 弥尔顿, 斯威夫特, 华滋华斯, 狄更斯, 叶芝, 和艾略特, 以及梭罗这样的美国作家, 霍桑, 梅尔维尔, 惠特曼, 迪金森, 吐温, 霜, 海明威, 和福克纳.


Receive a general overview of the 历史 of philosophical development in the West from its inception with the Pre-Socratic philosophers of ancient Greece to the 20th century Anglo-American and Continental traditions. 认识像苏格拉底这样的思想家和革新者, 柏拉图, 亚里士多德, 奥古斯汀, 阿奎那, 笛卡尔, 洛克, 休谟, 康德, 机, 和尼采.


Be instructed in the basic teachings of the Christian faith in order to see how religious belief informs self-understanding, 提供对现实的全面看法, 通过灌输对人类生活的看法, 它的目的和适当的举止, 塑造更大的文化.


Choose one course from a selection of options: continue your study of the Great Books with selections of European literature from the Renaissance to modern times; study Greek and Roman literature and culture and its influences on the West; or spend time with European drama from the Renaissance, 新古典主义, 伊丽莎白时代的, 西班牙黄金时代, 英语恢复, 以及德国早期浪漫主义时期.


Acquaint yourself with the historical roots of the Western heritage and explore the ways in which modern man is indebted to the Greco-Roman culture and the Judeo-Christian tradition.


Follow the 历史 of “the American experiment of liberty under law” from our colonial heritage and the founding of the republic to the increasing involvement of the United States in a world of ideologies and war.

美国.S. 宪法

Receive an introduction to early American political thought and its crowning political achievement, 美国宪法. 学习基本的美国政治概念,如自然权利, 社会契约论, 宗教自由, 有限政府, 权力分立, 还有法治.


Choose one course from a selection of options: receive an introduction to the study of economics and its relationship to political systems; examine markets, 价格, 利润, 生产, 成本, 竞争, 垄断, 工资, 租金, and interest; take a broad survey of the contemporary science of psychology; or study historical, 概念上的, and cross-disciplinary perspectives on sociocultural structure and dynamics.


Choose one course from a selection of options: survey the visual arts of architecture, 绘画, and sculpture from the prehistoric through Medieval or Renaissance through modern periods; receive an introduction to the repertoire of Western music and music theory at an entry or intermediate level; or learn to appreciate Western theatre and how dramatic structure, style, 目的, 和效果是理解作者之间关系的关键, 表演者, 和观众.


了解生命如何在不断变化的环境中进化和适应. 将这些原则与当前的问题,如饮食和健康联系起来, 物种灭绝和栖息地丧失, 人类和其他生物的基因改造, 以及新疾病的出现, 等. 最重要的是, see how empirical biological mechanisms can help us understand and predict the connections between people and the natural world.


Consider the implications of the “big ideas” of chemistry and the evidence for them—the atomic nature of matter, 成键, 分子间作用力, 结构与形状, 化学反应, and transfer of energy—and the relationship of fundamental principles of chemistry to cur租金 and emerging global issues. Discuss the nature of empirical scientific methodology and the strengths and limitations of science as a way of knowing in the context of a liberal education. Examine primary or secondary sources that shed light on the process and context through which key advances have occurred.


Explore the fundamental Laws of Nature (Newton’s laws of motion and universal gravitation; Maxwell’s equations regarding electricity, 磁性, and light; Einstein’s special and general theory of relativity; quantum mechanics and the Standard Model), 他们的个性, 贯穿其中的原则, 以及它们如何应用于可观察到的现象, and see how these laws play an important role in the fields of astronomy and cosmology.


学习亚里士多德逻辑和演绎推理, 数学论证与证明, and study axiomatic systems like Euclidean geometry as you explore the nature of mathematics.


通过身体调节练习基本的身体健康计划, 力量发展, and 营养; build a knowledge base of the physiological effects and adaptations of exercise, 营养, 精神压力, body, 和精神.


Choose one week-long lecture seminar from the 建设性替代方案中心, 每年举行四次校内系列讲座. 主题各不相同, 最近还包括了市场和政策等主题, 美国将军, 今天的文科与教育, 大型科技股, 简·奥斯汀谈电影, 和美国外交政策.


Synthesize critical concepts across the core curriculum and see their 目的 in relation to a life pursuing the good.


澳门威尼斯人网上赌博的"力量在挑战中快乐, 对澳门威尼斯人网上赌博学生的学术要求也很高, 但没有平等的支持,这些挑战也不会得到满足. Small class sizes and regular office hours allow students to build relationships with their professors as well as their peers. 学术服务以辅导的形式提供支持, 学术咨询, 还有其他资源, 以及学院的院长们, 牧师, 卫生服务人员定期提供额外的学术服务, 精神上的, 健康方面的问题.